Extremely warm, comfortable and hypoallergenic fur slippers, from Kastoria. Made of 100% genuine, high quality leather and lined with natural fur!

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Why should I choose for the whole family?

Kastoria fur slippers

They owe their name to the fact that they have been manufactured (for decades) in Kastoria and the wider area (Siatista, etc.). Entirely by hand, in small family industries!

So do we! Continuing the tradition, we make our fur slippers, the old traditional way. Our crews, the best! Our materials! Simply top notch!

100% natural wool and genuine nappa (or castor) leather! Greek soles!

It is no coincidence that, for years now, almost everyone who has worn fur slippers from Kastoria, by MODAPELLE, does not try something different! And they certainly don’t go back to synthetics under any circumstances!

Hypoallergenic, comfortable and warm. Also, due to the natural materials we use, they present the following particularity that you will not find in synthetic slippers on the market: Even if our feet smell, our slippers DO NOT. And it is no exaggeration to say that they can be worn throughout the year and not just in Winter!

It sure is hard to believe. But try it!

Kastoria Fur Slippers are definitely the best choice for the whole family!

Available in a variety of colors, but also in sizes from 35 – 42 for the woman and from 38 – 47 for the man – open & closed (mules).

And let’s not forget the little kids. You will find fur slippers for our little friends, they are available in all sizes!

Greek product at a very low price from MODAPELLE

… for you who deserve the best!

Greek product!