It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…

It’s time to get the leather jacket you’ve been dreaming of. You do your research, you search the internet for designs, for colours and certainly for prices. You follow ads on Facebook and at some point yes ….you find both design and colour and price …decent!

And now the hard part begins!

That’s all well and good, you might think, but what about size?

We will not hide the fact that 80% of the questions we receive daily from our customers are about exactly that!

Which size should I choose?

How can I calculate the correct size?

Two questions that we are asked to answer on a daily basis.

So let’s put them in order.

Choosing a leather jacket is definitely not an easy task. Consider this. You’re in a store, you’re trying on more than one design, you have the help of the salesperson, a friend or girlfriend and definitely the mirror, and you’re having a hard time deciding.

One is a little wider in the chest, the other narrows, etc…

Let alone ordering a leather one from the eshop.

And yet there is a solution…

First of all, we have to take into account that each company has its own line in its clothes, and sometimes even a different line in each design, for example it produces one design in a slim fit (narrow line), another in a regular line and a third maybe in a comfortable line (ideal for those who have a tummy and generally for those who wear large sizes).

So thinking “I’m wearing L, so I’m ordering L” is risky.

The solution is one and it is simple.

Using a tape measure, measure your chest girth (under the armpits, circumferentially and loosely). You also measure your waist circumference (at navel level) and definitely your height.

Then you send the information with a message to our FACEBOOK page:, or by email to and mention the name or the code of the leather jacket you are interested in. Men’s or women’s – the process is exactly the same!

From now on, the choice of the ideal size is our business and responsibility.

Our experienced staff, based on these data will suggest not only the ideal size but maybe the ideal design for the specific body type!

So it doesn’t take effort, it takes a way.

Because you deserve the best!